Valley Spine Chiropractor and Health Center works with patients to formulate a plan for their health care needs. At Valley Spine we utilize the spinal manipulative therapy of chiropractic to improve functional stability of the spine. We employ the dynamic skills of licensed massage therapists to decrease associated muscle spasm but more importantly to break up scar tissue most patients have developed over the years. Lasting results come when you formulate a rehabilitative exercise plan with Alan Giron. Mr. Giron is our sports rehabilitation specialist that will tailor a personalized routine for you to help maintain the results you experience.

We focus your treatment on human physiology and what your body needs to return to health. That is why we teamed up with Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine top_area. Dr. Dumler collaborates with Dr. Yee, Dr. Bady, Dr. Liu, Dr. Otten and Dr. Trainor to establish a treatment plan that will benefit the patient. At Valley Spine we see that incorporating all aspects of medicine into your treatment only helps you to achieve the best results.




Message from the Clinical Director

denny-dumler-las-vegas-chiropractor You deserve the best treatment possible so you can return to work, exercise and life in general. I am committed to doing right by you. It’s your health and we are here to help you maintain it.